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Solar Energy Contemporary Challenges

(28th January 2013)

The presentation ‘Solar energy contemporary challenges’ outlined some of the current challenges and opportunities in the field of solar energy applications.  A brief overview was given of the key factors affecting the economic viability of solar energy applications.  The considerable success of solar water heating in all its many diverse forms is described whilst the unrealised potential of solar air heating is outlined.  A discussion of different forms of solar collector and the applicability of their designs including those included for solar power generation and drying was set in the context of globally varying diffuse factors of solar radiation.  Innovation in solar energy in buildings was briefly touched-on with the specific example of evacuated glazing technology illustrating the potential for technological innovation in this area.

Photovoltaics are discussed from a systems perspective including the factors that influence overall array sizing for a photovoltaic array connected to a grid.  In the context of a discussion on achieving a 50% efficient photovoltaic cell-luminescent solar concentrators, photovoltaic thermal collectors and the thermal management of photovoltaics were discussed.

In conclusion some concepts that bring together various strands of research discussed into new devices were presented.  These include a novel multifunctional façade, the scope for developing new PV/ thermal devices and the use of subcooling to create novel heat storage devices.



Challenge of Sustainability and SESI Meeting (2008)

The Challenge of Sustainability 2008, will incorporate the next meeting of Solar Energy Society of Ireland (SESI)! It takes place in Dundalk IT on Friday June 20th. We are hoping for a good turn-out! The Challenge of Sustainability 2008 is organised by the Cross Border Sustainable Energy Partnership (CBSEP), an initiative of Dublin City University, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Queen's University Belfast.

The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the constituency of the CBSEP and to explore how academic institutes together with wider society can take part in finding practical solutions for a sustainable and secure future. Participants will be encouraged to relate their ideas to the Eastern Corridor, the geographic region stretching south from Dundalk to Dublin and north from Dundalk to Belfast.

More information about the conference will be available soon, together with the programme, information about conference registration fees and so forth. If you are interested in taking part in the conference as a speaker or poster presenter, please email abstracts of at least 500 words to as soon as possible.

Do please RSVP to SESI committee member Niall McMahon if you intend to come along to the conference and/or the SESI meeting.

Check frequently for updates.

General enquiries can be addressed to or directly to Niall McMahon.


SEI Micro and small scale-generation pilot trial - Consultation (2008)

The Minister for Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan, announced a new micro and small scale electricity generation programme in April 2008. The programme will assess technical, financial and regulatory issues surrounding the deployment of small and micro scale generation technologies in Ireland and will provide grant aid for around 50 pilot installations.

The initiation of the pilot trial of small and micro scale generation technologies that will lead to successful implementation of good quality projects yielding meaningful information in a short timeframe is a priority action in the micro-generation programme.

As part of the overall programme, SEI will be carrying out a field trial of generation technologies. A call for proposals will be published in the near term and will be for single and 3-phase domestic/commercial small and micro scale generation installations to include wind, solar photovoltaic and hydroelectric technologies. Up to 50 appropriate good quality installations will be supported under this call for proposals. This consultation principally relates to the proposals for the design and administration of the pilot.

The pilot field trial will investigate and test technical, market and regulatory issues associated with their installation, network connection and operation and generation.

The call for proposals will be discretionary, and proposals will be evaluated to select sites that give a reasonable geographic dispersion of installations and to facilitate the evaluation of a range of technologies in a variety of different sites.

Individual applications for each installation, submitted by a site host manager and co-signed by the equipment supplier are required. The application form and application guide will be available from in October.